Bonza Puzzle

Stable Name:



4* -retired


21 yr old








Australian TB

Sire; Family Ties


Matt Ryan-65%,

Anne and Tim Pople-15%,

Mike and Naomi Roe-10%,

Charles and Angela Gething-Lewis-10%

Puzzle started life out as a race horse in Australia, where he regularly bucked his jockeys off. He was then bought by Paul Tapner, who still had the same problems so sold him to Heath ( Matt’s brother). Puzzle then traveled to England where Matt took over the ride. Matt also did not have much luck in sitting to Puzzle’s bucks, but slowly they started to build a bond and things improved. He started competing Puzzle and he excelled everyone’s expectations with Eight 4* completions.

Puzzle was forced to retire when he picked up a tendon injury whilst competing at Belton Park in 2010 in his biuld up to Badminton.

Puzzle had a great competition record, winning international events in Germany, Portugal, Poland, Ireland and here in the UK. He should have been selected to compete at the Athens 2004 Olympics, but due to some very bad biased selection policies (in Matts opinion!!), he travelled to Greece only as a reserve.

Puzzle is now enjoying his retirement with Tim and Anne Pople, where he is Tim's 'hack'! Anne's 'hack is retired eventer Slight of Hand (Thomas). So if you are driving any where nr Balls Hill nr Ross-on-Wye, and see 2 rotund chestnut geldings being hacked out - they are probably Puzzle and Thomas!