-         M42 South West.

-         M5 South West.


-         Exit M5 at Junction 8, M50 South Wales/Ross on Wye.


-         Follow M50 to its end (junction 4) and at the roundabout, turn left onto the A40/A449 towards Monmouth/Newport.


-         Follow A40 thru the tunnel at Monmouth and after approx 3 miles take the exit signposted A40 to Abergavenny.


-         After approx. 1/2 mile go straight over the roundabout and continue along dual carriageway (A40) towards Abergavenny (Approx. 9 miles).


-         At the end of the A40, on the outskirts of Abergavenny, you will come to a set of ‘Give Way’ signs and you have to bear to the left.


-         Keep in the right hand lane of the 3 lanes as you go under a bridge and then at the ‘O’about take the 4th exit signposted M50/A40.


-         Keep in the right hand lane as you take this exit. You will pass under another bridge, bear right (ignoring the A465 Hereford exit). The road then splits into 3 lanes. Keep in the left hand lane marked B4598.


-         Take the exit signposted B4598 USK, BRYNBUGA, CLYTHA.


-         Follow B4598 for approx. 300 metres, then take the FIRST LEFT  signposted LLANDDEWI RHYDDERCH (this is opposite an old farm)


-         Follow the narrow road for approx. 1 mile. You will then come to a sharp right hand bend in front of a big white farmhouse on a corner. GO STRAIGHT ON TO THE LEFT OF THE HOUSE AS IF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH THEIR FARMYARD………DO NOT TURN RIGHT IN FRONT OF HOUSE (signposted LLanddewi Rhydderch 2 ½


-         Follow this lane approx. ¾ mile (lane becomes narrower and has just been resurfaced) until you come to a tiny muddy grass triangle in the road with another lane off to the left. KEEP RIGHT  and follow another approx. 250 metres and we are on the right ‘LITTLE LLANDEILO FARM’.



Safe journey!


LITTLE LLANDEILO FARM                                     01873 853676

LLANDDEWI RHYDDERCH                                    07887 512887



NP7 9 TH

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-         Follow M4 west, over the Severn Bridge and exit M4 at Junction 24


-         Take the 4th exit off the ‘O’about signposted A449 Monmouth


-         Follow A449 dual carriageway approx. 10 miles then take the exit A40 to Abergavenny.


-         Follow A40 and after approx. ½ mile you will come to a ‘O’about. Go straight over following A40 (dual carriageway) for approx 8 miles.


-         At the end of the dual carriageway (on the outskirts of Abergavenny) you will come to ‘Give Way’ signs. Bear left and then get into the 3rd lane (right hand lane), go under the bridge and you will then come to a ‘O’about. ( This large complicated junction is known as the ‘Hardwick Junction’)


-         Take the 4th exit towards: HEREFORD A465, MONMOUTH A40/M50.


-         Keep in the RIGHT HAND LANE as you go under another bridge and DO NOT TAKE THE HEREFORD EXIT (go past it).


-          The road then splits into 3 lanes….KEEP IN THE LEFT HAND LANE signposted B4598 USK and take the B4598 slip road.


-         Follow B4598 approx. 300 metres and take the first left turn towards: LLANDDEWI RHYDDERCH 2 ½ miles.


-         Follow this single track road approx 1 mile. You will then come to a signpost telling you to turn right to the village of ‘Llanddewi Rhydderch’ IGNORE IT AND STAY STRAIGHT AND TO THE LEFT OF THE WHITE FARMHOUSE (it feels as though you are driving into their farm yard!)


-         Follow this narrow road another mile and you will come to a tiny muddy/grassy triangle. Bear right and follow approx. 250 metres and we are on the right.


-         HOME TEL: 01873 853676


-         MATT MOB: 07885 584757